“Apama is a book like no other… so much attention to detail that you feel like you yourself are actually a resident of Cleveland… words cannot describe how amazing this series truly is… my favorite book I have read all year of an independent publisher.”

(V2) “If this sounds like a super-hero of the 1970s, well, it has that special vibe. Sikora and Miller would not have been out of place among the Marvel writers of that decade. Coming from me, that’s high praise… Artist Gallego is a terrific storyteller whose action scenes move with crackling energy and whose human moments feel real. With the pun fully intended, I marvel at how good he is… The stories are as delicious strange as their hero. It’s a wild ride from start to finish. Apama the Undiscovered Animal earns my highest recommendation. It’s a great comics series that should appeal to old-time fans like me, and also to modern readers. Discover Apama today because everyone will be talking about him tomorrow.”

“I haven’t enjoyed reading ANY comic as much as this since Keith Giffen sent me the plot for the Lobo Paramilitary Xmas Special some 20 years ago. It’s brilliant. It even brought tears to my eyes a couple of times. I think you’ve created something important with Apama, something more than just another comic character.”

(V2) “Apama: The Undiscovered Animal is back and better than ever. This comic is a blast.”

“I’ll definitely be buying the second volume, as Apama is now one of my favorite series.”
— EdGosney.com

“Like nothing I’ve ever seen… If you want something original that still has that sweet taste of the familiar, you should check out this book.”

“The book can veer between the humorous and silly (Iliya’s day-to-day life), the superheroic, the bizarre and psychedelic, and the sinister. It can be joking in one moment and incredibly violent in the next, and it works. It is wildly imaginative.”

“Pure, unfiltered, superhero craziness”

“Apama comes with my highest recommendation!  This is my favorite comic I’ve read all year!! In fact, I’d say it’s the comic I’ve been waiting for for years!”

“I love capes as much as the next geek, and I have digested more superhero stories in the last 30 years than what is considered normal and probably healthy. And after pondering about all the good and bad that I have read, what I can say is that Apama is truly something special – an identifiable post-modern superhero that has a unique voice and without the normal trappings… no trust funds, no genius IQ, no unlimited tech, no UN of superhero buddies… just hope, an ancient quest and some dumb luck… This creative team has created an exemplar of what a modern indie super hero is.”

“What is so captivating about this quirky book is the feeling that the creators, Ted Sikora and Milo Miller, have tapped into something iconic to our time…. Ilyia Zjarsky is a protagonist who seems closer to pink slips, loan debt, and The Big Lebowski’s “The Dude” than he does the billionaire hero type with armor valued at the gross national product of a small nation… The baddies are strange and colorful… it’s really the characters that make this worth the read. Smart, satirical, fun and often hilarious, Apama: The Undiscovered Animal is ready to be discovered.”

“His subtle ethnic differences and base of operation in Cleveland make him feel fresh and new… What strikes me as most impressive about this, is that the comic has quite a good deal of humour yet never feels like its mocking the comics of yore, it feels like a very respectful tribute rather than a parody… On top of the varied plots in the main stories, each issue is packed with sub-plots and character development that put most modern comics to shame.”

“They also definitely get huge props for unpredictability… These first five issues of Apama are smart, funny and most important of all when it comes to comics, they remain entertaining. Whether it’s the hero fighting a man covered in blades, an alien creature or an incredibly shady priestess the story still manages to be interesting and these issues all work very well as an introductory arc to the comic.”

“The Apama hard-cover was a fantastic treat! I’ve rarely read a comic with such a distinct and enjoyable voice. And is such damn FUN!”

“This book is wonderfully written… Sikora and Miller really do an awesome job of making sure we understand everything that’s going on in the story… Gallego’s artwork certainly evokes an emotional feeling… The art style looks like something you’d see in the Bronze Age of comic books…  The Undiscovered Animal has a lot of promise.”

“Our favorite new super hero story…  Apama is respectful of its hometown of Cleveland’s comic book creation history as well as bringing a new kind of story to the people. It is great to see creative ideas being carried out with such care and vision — with a universe that is unique and able to grow!”

“Apama is one of my favorite indie superhero books in a while. Ted Sikora and Milo Miller really get that difficult balance of utilizing superhero tropes without becoming too dependent on them. Whether you’ve seen Hero Tomorrow or not, Apama is a ton of fun and should be in your radar.”
–Russell Burlingame  COMICBOOK.com

“Weird but we liked it. We thought the characters were very well developed and the art was gorgeous.”
FANS ON PATROL (Link includes 60+ minute interview with Milo and Ted)

“The writing is great and the art is even better… This is the kind of comic and project that many fans have begged for – a pure comic with no crisis, reboots, multiple universes and most importantly not being dictated by executives from a big studio.”

“It’s like a long-lost ‘70s comic that marinated in its own incredible weirdness for 40 years, before deciding the world is finally ready for it. And that’s a damn good read.”

“It is so epic, and well written and well drawn… I don’t get to be a true fanboy like I used to anymore, but just in two issues, I’m a little bit geekin-out about this comic.”
COMIC NERDS UNITE – Apama #2 talk starts at 36:15

“Insane and brilliant and quite wonderful indeed”

“Apama #2 fucking rocks. If anything, this chapter is even more ridiculously wonderful than the debut, which I adored…There’s a ground-level realism about these characters that just works wonders.”

“I fucking loved this… It was so strange. Unlike anything I’ve ever read… Sensational.”
COMIC NERDS UNITE – Apama #1 talk starts at 27:00

“I dug it — real Buscema feel to the art, and I liked that it had a mix of being a serious origin, like in the 70s, and yet started lifting off into Steve Gerber territory. Old school Marvel with a modern twist.”
— Derek McCaw, Editor in Chief FANBOY PLANET

I really enjoyed the writing for this; it had that old-school comic book feel to it. Writers Ted Sikora and Milo Miller also did a very good job of building up the cast of villains within these 5 issues—with them all having their own unique and bizarre origins.

“Apama is great! A wonderfully fresh work —
Gallego’s artwork is nothing short of iconic. A great mix of social commentary and fun adventure.’

“This story has heart, soul, action and the sorts of hunky guys and curvy women that graphic novelists love. Hunt this one down before the Million Year Hunger attacks you or a town you love.”
INK 19

“It’s a very professional package, full color, top notch art, and a very entertaining story. Plus this has to be one of the best looking superhero costumes ever.”

“I can’t recommend this comic enough. I read it three times.”

“Great fun which nicely captures the bronze age spirit.”

“It is a full-on carbon copy of the look of your standard Bronze-Age Marvel Comic right down to it looking like it was drawn by John Buscema himself. The guys at Swinging Cane Productions have created a comic that perfectly blends the experience of reading an old-style Marvel comic with the digital age — worth checking out.”


  1. I just downloaded all five issues of Apama, The Undiscovered Animal and I LOVE it! As a 1970s comicbook fanatic, this was like a lost treasure just washed up on the shore that is my Nook! It’s like a great 1970s Marvel mag–almost like a collaboration between Steve Gerber and John Buscema! The coloring and lettering are of the highest professional quality, as well! If it really were the 1970s, Apama would be up there with Deathlok, Defenders, Warlock, Black Panther, Skull the Slayer, Omega the Unknown, and Master of Kung Fu. It’s that good!

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