Apama Christmas Caption Contest

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It started out pretty simple. We asked artist Benito Gallego to create a holiday themed Apama pinup for issue 2. The only direction we gave him was to try and incorporate Cleveland into the background. Once again he blew our doors off and we were utterly speechless. So speechless, in[…]


First Apama Review

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Thanks to Eric at the Pullbox for this article! BEHOLD – APAMA: THE UNDISCOVERED ANIMAL! Yes, I giggled a little bit too when I said it out loud. But you know what, this FREE online comic is worth a look. It is a Kirby-esque origin story that made me wish[…]


Apama’s Artist – Benito Gallego

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Apama – The Undiscovered Animal is back on track with the amazing artist Benito Gallego. When our very talented and dear friend Eddy Newell became unavailable to illustrate the series we placed an ad on ConceptArt.org explaining the project and looking for artists. We were completely overwhelmed by about 100[…]