Apama 5

  • Release date: 2015-02-20

They Call It Helltown

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead!

Apama just saved the city so he’s probably earned a little time off, right? Not a chance.

Instead our ‘Mane Man’ discovers that the urban legend of Helltown is a lot more than just a good campfire spook story. There’s a certain psycho-delic mistress of mayhem that will ensure Apama’s stay there will be nasty, short, snd brutish (not-to-mention groovy beyond compare).

It’s the monumental debut of the brown-n-tan avenger’s arch-nemesis – a ‘first appearance’ that may be Apama’s last!

Regina may have started out as a 1960s flowerchild, but make no mistake about it – This ain’t no Summer of Love!

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