Apama 2


  • Release date: 2014-02-01

Available Now on Comixology – APAMA #2 (Only 99 cents)

Ilyia Zjarsky now has the strength, speed, and agility of Apama — the most savage beast man has ‘never’ known, but what does that get him?  He’s still slinging cold treats from the back of a truck, and can’t move out of the ‘friend-zone’ with his sexy neighbor, Vica. When big oil starts spewing in the Gulf of Mexico, Ilyia decides to work off some frustration by having Apama pay a visit to those responsible.

Meanwhile across town, a scientist conducting experiments with a captured swarm of unidentified tiny life-forms is about to have an accident with a drunken landscaper that will give birth to the most dangerous doofus in all of comic-dom!

The Rogues Gallery starts here! Big oil held accountable, science goes awry, and Apama throws down with a villain unlike any other in his inaugural donnybrook.