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Apama’s Artist – Benito Gallego

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Benito Gallego-Apama-TeaserApama – The Undiscovered Animal is back on track with the amazing artist Benito Gallego.

When our very talented and dear friend Eddy Newell became unavailable to illustrate the series we placed an ad on ConceptArt.org explaining the project and looking for artists. We were completely overwhelmed by about 100 extremely gifted illustrators from all over the world. The decision was difficult to say the least, and we hope to do pin-ups with a bunch as the series goes forward, but in the end it was Benito’s style and storytelling that really struck us and felt so right for this project. This piece in his portfolio entitled ESCAPE TO MADNESS absolutely sealed the deal.
Comic books today are wonderful – I love what is going in in the Marvel Universe – but as the cliche goes…. they sure don’t make ’em like they did in the 70s. Milo, Benito, and I are absolutely products of that era, and we trying to do something that is really groundbreaking by picking up the 70s torch and making a u-turn away from the 80s/90s evolutions.
We’re beyond excited, and percolating with ideas that will make this series a wild mix of action, romance, horror, and comedy.

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