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Apama Christmas Caption Contest

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ApamaChristmas-BenitoGallegoPencilsIt started out pretty simple. We asked artist Benito Gallego to create a holiday themed Apama pinup for issue 2. The only direction we gave him was to try and incorporate Cleveland into the background.

Once again he blew our doors off and we were utterly speechless. So speechless, in fact, that we’ve decided to send out a desperate plea for help. Shoot us an idea for the space in the Christmas scroll, and if we use it in the final, you will receive an original Bento Gallego signed art page from Apama – The Undiscovered Animal ($300 dollar value.)

Send caption ideas to letters@apamanation.com or add them under the image right here on the APAMA FACEBOOK PAGE


— On top of this, while the holiday season is upon us, we’re also offering the critically acclaimed feature film Hero Tomorrow DVD for a mere $9.99!

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